3DCart Shopping Cart Software Review

What to Expect from 3dCart?
Developed over a decade ago in 2001 by Gonzalo Gil, 3dCart is a shopping cart platform that comes fully hosted offering a series of features meant to help online business owners efficiently attend to their websites. Established out of Tamarac in Florida, the company and its software offering currently have over ten thousand patrons and continue to gain more followers as time progresses. Business owners who choose to utilize this particular platform can expect a free trial version running for fifteen days, after which the customer has the option to continue the service for a relatively low rate which is less than ten dollars (for the basic plan, Nano) to be paid via credit card.

This particular program has its share of advantages and cons that potential users should take note of starting with the pricing element. Compared with other similar shopping cart software, 3dCart costs less, but offers a similar array of features. Monthly plans that differ in value also differ in the allowable provisions for product inventory, bandwidth, internal storage, domain registration and services, telephone support, and marketing components.

It is web-hosted, but it uses an outsourced provider. The company works with four distinct hosts. The client though cannot choose a host as this is automatically set. The good thing about this is that since it is a hosted cart platform, the user simply needs a web-enabled browser to run it.

In line with its ease of usage, a significant amount of technical knowhow is required for users to be able to run the program correctly. It is not as easy to manipulate as other programs, limiting its suitability to middle and high-level online business owners. These are people who either know a thing or two about programming or have the budget to pay a professional to tackle all developing endeavors. Small-scale business owners, usually first time program users, may not benefit as much if they use 3dCart.

Most of the software’s features are built-in, but enhancing applications are available from the company’s app store. They have a significant number of app offerings that make customization easy and convenient. Unlike other programs, this one also offers essential integrations for components in line with accounting, fulfillment, email marketing, live chat, and affiliate marketing. It also comes with extended customer service capabilities and technical support for the end user.


Going back to the features that users can expect from the 3dCart platform, they are as follows:

  • Order Management – With the program in use, the storeowner can create registration, order, and invoice sheets from scratch. It also has the tools necessary for refund processing. Transaction emailing is also possible here. The platform comes with CRM and RMA built into the system. Additional checkout inquiries are also available increasing client engagement. The site also allows the incorporation of separate prices for retail and wholesale transactions.
  • Payment Processing – 3dCart can be set to run with a wide array of direct payment processors and it also gives the end user options to run with third-party payment processors. Apart from these, the site owner can also authorize payments and process refunds using administrative access.
  • Design Component – Aside from being a shopping cart program, the entire thing is a comprehensive web-servicing platform. This means that a user can also use it to design, launch, and maintain his online store. Preset themes and templates are available for clients to work with. It also offers FTP access as well as WYSIWYG editor. There is no need to edit code when programming the CSS and the editor runs with a drag n’ drop functionality. When it comes to product images, you can use an unlimited number of photographs as well.
  • Shipping Component – Different settings for shipping arrangements can be programmed to run on the page. Aside from support for drop-shipping offerings, users can also use 3dCart to incorporate access to a real-time shipping calculator and even a flat rate shipping function.
  • Analytical Reporting – Site owners have to know how their pages are functioning. The program can be used to generate analytics reports, performance statuses, order tallies, and even sales and tax reports. Depending on the user, he or she might also want to take advantage of the software’s business activity and customer reporting abilities. A particular reporting feature available here and not with other programs is the recordkeeping done for in-site searches that give business owners an idea of what most of its clients are looking for. This information can give the owner insight as to what products are easy to sell and profit from.
  • Hosting and Security – Only basic offerings for daily backup, IP blocking, and the detection of harmful intrusion are available here, probably something that the company should work on.
  • Search Engine Optimization – The generated URLs are search engine friendly, which is known as an advantage to business owners. Controlling Meta data is relatively simple too. There is a sitemap generator and redirect feature. Online stores get a dedicated IP address with ALT tags and titles that are automatically generated.
  • Product Management and Marketing – End users can rely on 3dCart for product variation configurations. Inventory maintenance is a breeze and the program offers individual and bulk data import and export. Again, different pricing leveling can be applied to posts, product search buttons and bundling features are available. Users also have the choice to apply force registration.
  • Extended Technical Support – As previously mentioned, the program is more suited to users who have an existing knowledge of programming and web design. Although it may be more challenging to run this particular shopping cart software, it is good to know that technical support in various forms is being offered to end users. There are several tutorial forms available and here are some of them:
  • Information Base – There is a comprehensive resource, a help button, for any type of program-related inquiries and searches.
  • Videos and Webinars – Video-based assistance on a variety of topics are available via the company’s YouTube channel.
  • Guides and Forums – To foster the exchange of ideas and tips, live forums participated in by the company and its users have been set up. In addition, guides take end users through a function-by-function lecture so that they can better understand the specific store functions that they can apply to their overall page outlay.
  • eCommerce University – Aside from learning how to run the program, the company also makes it possible for end user to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to setting up and operating their own online business.
  • Social Media – More inquiries can be made and more information can be obtained from the Facebook account, Twitter account, and official Blog of the company.

Out of all of these features, people who have tried the program have mentioned how the software needs work due to its limited customer service provisions, cluttered admin design, overall usage problems, and bland page design components. For the positives, customers appreciate the lower price points for monthly service plans as well as the program’s highly reliable, not to mention engaging live chat support.

Overall Score: 3.9/5

Www.3dcart.com offers more information on this software so if you find its features suited to your needs, it is best to give it a go.


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