BigCommerce E-Commerce Software and Shopping Cart Review

What You Need to Know About the BigCommerce Program?

Online stores have rampantly been growing throughout the past couple of years, thanks to the Internet boom. There are small scale online business operators and those who have turned their once simple endeavor into international conglomerates. Regardless of their offerings and overall business scale, there is one common element shared amongst these online business owners and this is the necessity for a reliable shopping cart software solution.

There is one program by the name of BigCommerce and this shopping cart program has been in existence for less than a decade. What sets this program apart is that this comprehensive suite does not only provide the coveted shopping cart system, but the entire business platform for the online store. It allows users to track everything from one system.

Figuratively, one can think of this software as an infrastructural developer. It is up to the program to provide the foundation for the online store. Just like a real estate developer, it is responsible for the construction, the electrical work, the plumbing needs, security, and so on and so forth. When this particular program is utilized, the user simply has to do minor customizations in the form of site design, merchandising, and marketing.

This all-inclusive component is what online entrepreneurs need to watch out for as it can save them a lot of precious time and effort during the critical moments when they are setting up their shop. Just like any other software program, BigCommerce also has its fair share of pros and cons. Let us start with the potential downsides to the comprehensive business platform:

  • Pricing – For individuals working with limited budgets, the steep plan pricing may be quite discouraging. Comparing this platform with other programs in the market, it is, on average, more expensive to run by as much as thirty percent. Apart from the standard monthly rates, what adds to the total cost are various transaction and processing fees.
  • Add-Ons – The platform is comprehensive which means that most of its features are built into the system. This limits the availability of add-ons. Although the company has a functioning applications store, the available options are too few compared to the competition’s offerings.
  • Lock-In – Shifting from platform to platform will not be easy with this system because all of the details saved into the platform will be locked in. The user will have to shell out for switching fees to retrieve and export all store information to another platform.

There are several pros that users can also benefit from when they choose to go with BigCommerce:

  • Education – Especially for new storeowners, the program offers a lot of relevant resources and advice as to how to undertake each step of setting up an online store. A real-time chat consultant is also available.
  • Ease of Usage – The software program is relatively easy to use and even offers a customization wizard that people can use to start developing their online stores.
  • Built-In Features – There are plenty of tools that are readily available to those who depend on this program. Tools related to design development, inventory management, client tracking, and even general marketing are built in to the suite.
  • Speed and Security – Speed matters when it comes to websites and this program ensures that the online store page loads quickly. In terms of security, internal safety commands have been embedded into the system allowing for secure transactions may it be coursed through online payment facilities or by credit card.

If what you need is an all-inclusive store management suite, then this is the perfect program to consider especially if technical knowhow is not your thing.

Overall review score: 4.6/5

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