Cart66 WordPress Plugin Shopping Cart Review


When it comes to eCommerce, Cart66 is your all-in tool. It provides you with everything you need for your online store to begin selling right away in one bundle – a powerful billing engine that supports and manages more than 50 payment gateways, PCI-compliance, secure checkout hosting, business class SMTP mail system, and an optional secure storage on Amazon S3 for free. Furthermore, you do not need to worry about add-ons and SSL certificates.


Cart66 beats all other WordPress plug-ins. You get the following features when you use this plug-in: recurring billing options, membership and subscriptions, customer accounts and purchase history, follow-up emails, support for 50 payment gateways as well as for 7,500 subscribers. Moreover, you get integration for constant contact, gravity forms, MailChimp, Zendesk, idevAffiliate and Amazon S3.

It is easy to install. You can start selling in just three easy steps. First, get your WordPress set-up ready by selecting and setting up a theme. The second step is to install the plug-in. The plug-in will automatically include all of your products and its features, your cart and checkout. You will enjoy the amazing interface. Lastly, you can add products using that interface.

This plug-in can handle just about any kind of e-product from handcrafted items to magazine subscriptions to web design or Photoshop services to digital file downloads. To add your products, you would need product information such as product name, price, SKU, discount (if any), subscription or membership options. Users can easily access and add these options for product information through the plug-in features.

You may also include product variations such as size, color, warranty, bundle options for digital file downloads, etc. The plug-in has a built-in feature that will allow you to send customer alerts for renewal, re-orders and upgrade opportunities.

Not only is this plug-in very easy to use and very secure, it is also blazing fast. Since it is hosted on a cloud server, customers will find it easy to checkout and your website will not be slowed down.

It also comes with extensive professional support. It is a good investment for you if you do not wish to be bogged down with the technical details.

Fun features include the live shopping cart. This plug-in lets you manage your online store live: meaning you can observe who is currently on your website and what he is adding to his cart. This element will make you improve your product pages to make your site more interesting.

You can also access the subscription/membership management feature page. Just like in social media, you can see popular status tags and get updates on which memberships are due for renewal.


  • It works well with any kind of WordPress theme and other plug-in.
  • It comes with a rich and detailed set of features It provides professional support.
  • It offers useful payment/shipping gateways.


  • It is quite pricey compared to other available plug-ins.
  • The creators are focusing on cloud-based solutions.

Best eCommerce Security Tool 4/5

When it comes to eCommerce security, the Cart66 is your best choice. It is fully PCI-compliant. In the event that your WP store is compromised, you can rest assured that all your eCommerce information are in safe hands. Client details, invoices and other transaction data are fully secured over a cloud server that is hosted by Firehost. Because of cloud-based features for storage and security, you get redundant back-ups secure SMTP settings and Amazon S3 server integration in one package.


This WordPress platform can make your online store PCI-compliant. It is available as an annual or monthly subscription. Check out and start using the most secure ecommerce solution now.


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