CoreCommerce Shopping Cart Software Review

Need Shopping Cart Software? Go CoreCommerce!

In every online business, development continuously happens with not only the website design or upgrade of product, but also in service offerings. Business owners also have to apply a central shopping cart platform that they can modify as needed. Various programs can be chosen from these days, each with a distinct series of offerings. Some are easier to manipulate than others while there are those that offer more complex business management solutions to the end user.

One such program worth considering is called CoreCommerce, which is an Internet-based shopping cart program. Aside from helping business owners with the daily maintenance and management of the site, the program can also help its users launch the store from scratch. Created about five years ago, this particular software targets the needs of small to middle scale online businesses.

A potential client needs to know several things when it comes to using this shopping cart program. It has its fair share of strengths especially when it comes to components related to social media. It also offers extended customer care. Depending on the business, the user should also take into account the software’s share of disadvantages. Rough spots exist in the overall design of the platform, as well as its SEO functionalities.

Consumers can enjoy a number of benefits when they go with this program. CoreCommerce is one of the easiest eCommerce programs to use. Even those who have no fancy technical background can manipulate the system with ease. To assist people in handling their online stores, the company included design and management single-click wizards as well as real-time help desks.

The company has also established a fair pricing structure starting with the free trial package. The complete platform can be used for fifteen days free of charge and then users can choose to take advantage of monthly plans that are reasonably priced. The lower than average price points is one of the many reasons why it only took a couple of years for the reliable service to reach thousands of businesses across continents. Some of the services that come with the monthly packages include supporting applications, email accounts, expanded bandwidth, storage space, shared SSL, and customer support.

Users can choose to enhance their platforms by adding specialized features as needed. There are a handful of built-in applications when it comes to the CoreCommerce program starting with a point-of-sale order processing system followed by a series of design tools including preprogrammed themes and templates.

Potential consumers should watch out for the added text function wherein they will receive text messages upon the placement of new orders. It supports various payment methods and can be used to generate sales tax reports for the business owner’s usage.

The program also offers heightened support for social media platforms wherein the online store can easily be linked with everything from Facebook to Twitter, allowing for a greater customer reach. This kind of integration is not available with other shopping cart platforms, setting this software apart from the competition.

If there are cons to the program, it comes in the form of limited inventory capabilities where clients must choose robust monthly plans or else they will not be able to load the site with as many products for sale as they please. Unlike other programs, this one only provides basic design templates that some people find to be uninspired. Finally, optimization may be questionable because of the program’s underwhelming SEO capabilities calling for manual page modification.

All in all, this is a great starter program to consider for an online store with just the right balance of features and capabilities that can help an entrepreneur launch a working online store without any stress.

Overall review score: 8/10

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