Fortune3 Shopping Cart Software Review

Finding the Right Shopping Cart Program in Fortune3

Existing businesses have extended their customer reach by penetrating the online market. These days, small scale businessmen who are interested in promoting their offerings almost always start on the Web. The rampant increase in online stores increased the demand for reliable shopping cart software programs and business management platforms.

One particular program that has been gaining traction in the online market is Fortune3. What you have here is a web-hosted program that runs on Windows operating systems. Aside from providing access to the essential point-of-system sale and shopping cart platforms, the software program also offers services in line with inventory maintenance, client database management, and product promotion.

One of the many features that people should look out for when it comes to this particular shopping cart program is its remote access ability. Unlike other systems, end users can access the software remotely and make any immediate administrative adjustments with ease. For as long as a Wi-Fi link is available, the content, as it is edited, is immediately uploaded and applied to the page.

There are different advantages and disadvantages that you can expect from this shopping cart program. When it comes to the pricing, the company offers a free month’s trial and subsequent monthly plans ranging in provisions from basic to unlimited. Aside from multiple administrative accounts, bandwidth provisions, overall setup, email accounts, and product placement provisions can be expected.

Aside from the unlimited support, this particular shopping cart program is unlike all the rest because of the lengthy free trial for one. Users also have the option to choose whether or not they will go with the assigned payment processor provider. There are absolutely no contract fees, setup charges, or cancellation penalties. The only downside to the assigned payment processor is that it charges an automatic 1% processing fee per transaction.

The installation process may be lengthier than other software, but the thing about Fortune3 is that users can work offline. The software needs to be downloaded and then installed into the Windows powered computer. There is a setup wizard that will pop up that will help the user create, upload, and publish the store. The advantage to this system is that the program will allow its user to make any edits offline, which means that the hassle of finding a speedy Internet connection or a stable one at that need not exist.

The program is advisable especially if online entrepreneurs are new to the entire thing as it is easy to manipulate. It makes use of a WYSIWYG HTML editor, allowing for non-code command inputs. You can also use it to customize website templates and other visual components easily. Although it is easy for newbies to use, more experienced programmers and website owners might find the lack of programming complexities a burden. This is because basic programming capabilities often mean limited creative capacities. Some users mentioned that the design elements are somewhat old school or behind the times.

Social media integration is a plus when it comes to this software program as it can link one’s online store with popular online retail chains like Amazon and Google. This useful application has been able to boost business for a number of Fortune3 patrons through its decade-long existence. If there were problems in line with this element, it comes in the form of website downtime.

All in all, this software program is a good shopping cart system to consider. It is easy to use and offers an assortment of applications and tools that starting businesses can take advantage of.

Overall review score: 3.5/5

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