GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart


GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart will submit your items to Google Product Search and run an eBay store for you.


After the first year, you have to buy an SSL certificate to be able to accept credit cards payment methods.

The Verdict: 6.48/10

While the GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart is not very high on some really key marketing tools such as daily deals, it does offer just enough bandwidth and storage space for the smaller online businesses. This shopping cart software comes with the needed security and basic sales tools and so the pricing is ideal if you’re starting a small business. The good news is, if your business grows, you can upgrade your options on GoDaddy to keep up as well.

Since GoDaddy provides solutions for both website hosting and shopping carts, you benefit from a bandwidth that ranges between 150GB and 1000GB as well as pretty hefty storage space that goes from 1GB to 50GB.

With over 800 templates to choose from, the setup wizard is a breeze for designing your site. What’s really great about it is the fact that is it also mobile and tablet friendly. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer marketing tools such as daily deals or customer loyalty programs but it makes up for it by automatically submitting your product on to Google Product Search and will even run an eBay store for you. If you’re a fan of QuickBooks, you’ll be happy to know that the program integrates very smoothly with it so your accounting is taken care of as well.

What the GoDaddy shopping cart misses in marketing, it makes up for in some really useful features such as displaying customer reviews appropriately, sending out suggestions to your potential buyers for upselling, and also offers an affiliate program with Google so you can increase your sales through advertising.

If you’re not into the analytics and the piles of reports, then you’ll be just fine with GoDaddy’s basic report generation. However, you’ll have to keep an eye out for your stock as it won’t trigger a low inventory alert for you.

Security is taken very seriously on GoDaddy and the website will automatically double check IP’s against countries to make sure there is no fraudulent activities going on. It offers an SSL encryption to 128 bits and it is up to you to pay more if you are looking for a higher encryption. If you opt for the highest package on the site, you will get a one-year free SSL certificate but if you choose a shorter package, you’ll have to buy your certificate yourself.

Customer service is very efficient on GoDaddy and they offer you live support 24/7 via email, chat and even phone support. If you are just looking for simple answers, you can check out their FAQ page as well.

GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart Summary:             6.5/10

GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart is ideal for small online businesses. It offers more than enough storage and great bandwidth but no free SSL certificate after the first year. Even though it’s not stocked up with all the features and marketing tools a high traffic store needs, it offers  more than enough for a start-up business.