Magento E-Commerce Platform Software Review

Understanding How Magento Operates

There are plenty of online businesses on the World Wide Web, each with its own series of offerings. Aside from the design components and marketing strategies, it is also important for business owners to incorporate a reliable shopping cart system into the page. The shopping cart system does not only serve to assist customers with their purchases. This also offers extended services such as inventory management, order and payment tracking, and client database management to the business owner.

These days, there are different programs that offer such a service and one of the most commonly utilized is Magento. When it comes to this particular software, it provides users with all of the tools necessary for them to manage their eCommerce business in full. This means that there are numerous features available apart from the shopping cart component.

It has only been in existence for about five years, but it managed to rake up hundreds of thousands of active users. It is the go-to program of small scale entrepreneurs and large companies like Toms and Oneida. There are several pros that business owners will surely love and here are some of them:

  • This program is available for free. By being an open resource, it allows more people to take advantage of the tools and system that will make it easier for them to manage their eCommerce businesses.
  • Although the suite itself is comprehensive in nature, there are still plenty of additional applications that users can install when necessary. The company offers a wide array of developmental and customization applications through their app store, making it easier for their patrons to achieve the best possible online store system.

The heightened level of accommodation for customization can truly be appealing especially when it comes to the highly competitive environment of online businesses. Magento though also comes with a series of cons that online entrepreneurs need to take into account.

  • Although the resource is free, it is not as easy to use as other shopping cart programs, which means that significant spending is essential in hiring knowledgeable programmers. Without the programmers, it may be quite difficult for the average business owner, without technical knowhow, to develop and publish a well-functioning site.
  • Because the system is not self-hosted, you need to spend money on this element. By not being self-hosted, this also means that the user needs to enter into separate contracts with a payment processor, a host, spend on a domain name, and find a reliable source of internal security. These services are also available under the company, but at annual rates starting from $15500.
  • When it comes to the Magento shopping cart program, more is not always better. Most of its users mentioned how the configurations page is the most difficult to manipulate because of the availability of multiple options for system settings that often lead to confusion. The way the administrative components are laid out also adds to this confusion because of poorly utilized subject categories. For example, the terms and conditions can be located under the Sales menu while one’s account information can be found under the System tab.

This particular software program, although initially free, is not ideal for those without an above average understanding of effective system coding. Unless the business owner has the budget to spend on all of the external requirements of the system, it may be better for him or her to simply look for a simpler program to utilize.

Overall review score: 3/5

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