Pinnacle Cart Software


Pinnacle Cart supports several languages and currencies in one online store.


This shopping cart software does not offer a built-in point-of-sale system.

The Verdict: 4.2/5

Pinnacle Cart’s multi-language feature makes it worth considering for businesses that sell to customers in multiple countries.

Pinnacle Cart is a very handy shopping cart shopping cart software that offers you almost everything you need from such a tool. It has a very user-friendly interface and also supports several languages and currencies, making it an ideal choice for you if you’re looking to target international customers through your online store.

Pinnacle Cart comes with over 30 ready-made templates in its setup wizard and it also allows you to choose pre-set layouts within the template so you don’t have to do much worrying about design. Having said that, those of you with an existing design can also use it with Pinnacle Cart so you can keep your branding and image intact if you choose.

One of the key highlights of Pinnacle Cart is its multi-language interface for the customer. Your buyers can choose what language they are comfortable with from the list you’ve programmed and this makes it a great tool for international business.

Pinnacle Cart is mobile-friendly, allowing you to reach even a wider target of clients. For you, it also means you can manage it through your mobile device wherever you are. It can also integrate with Amazon or eBay and even display your products to online stores like Google Merchant and Yahoo Shopping.

The downside to this tool though is that it doesn’t come with a blog and if you’re looking to keep your site alive with blogging, you won’t be able to do that with Pinnacle Cart. Another disadvantage is that it doesn’t come with a built-in point of sale system and so you won’t be able to track your inventory so easily.

Pinnacle Cart has strong security features to battle fraud but you will need to buy your own SSL certificate and rely on the credit card company you work with for fraud scoring.

In terms of support, it has a great FAQ page, some very helpful video tutorials to get you started, and live customer support through email, phone and chat. When you sign up with Pinnacle Cart, you will be on a mailing list to get helpful emails of all the different features you can take advantage of on the site.

Pinnacle Cart Summary:               4.2/10

Although it is missing out on a built-in point of sale system, its multi-language and multi-currency options  make it a great base for any online store that is targeting international customers.


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