Volusion Shopping Cart Software Review

A Run Down Of Volusion and Its Offerings

The company has been in existence since 1999. A man by the name of Kevin Sproles founded Volusion in the city of Austin, Texas and they have since been providing people with various platforms and programs for eCommerce endeavors. This particular software is a shopping cart program that offers basic operational functions for an online business including tools for web design, site maintenance, order processing, and many more.

There are different programs like these in the open market, but several components separate this particular program from its competitors. Below you will find accurate information about its pros, cons, and general features that can help you decide whether this type of platform is what your business needs.

This shopping cart platform is highly popular among online business owners because its dashboard comes equipped with a series of built-in features. With other systems, most of these essential applications still have to be purchased, but Volusion offers them without any need for additional costs.

They also offer what is called the daily deal option that is a great tool for engaging clients and encouraging store patrons to check in with the e-store as often as possible. With this option, the storeowner can choose a product and a corresponding discount and the system will do all of the necessary promotions. When it comes to deals that are more limited, users can apply the countdown timers.

There is another feature, the MyRewards program. This feature is currently a big hit among retail buyers. Online businesses can also offer this engaging component where each web purchase leads to the earning of points that are recorded into the site and can be used by a registered client for later transactions.

One of the most common issues that arise when it comes to web shopping is unprocessed orders. There are clients who abandon filled carts. The problem here is that when products are added to the cart, they are immediately removed from the existing inventory. With the live cart feature offered by this software company, business owners can easily check if there are abandoned carts, check which clients proceed with orders, monitor those who have the tendency to add-to-cart without making a final purchase, and so on and so forth.

Most other platforms automatically send system-generated emails to clients who have pending carts. This is the downside when it comes to Volusion as the business owner has to manually send emails to the concerned individuals. If the business has plenty of clients causing such a problem, then the task can be a time consuming one.

It is a good thing though that the platform can be operated from a remote system. This allows business owners to work on the go. Aside from monitoring inventory levels, they can keep tabs on customer orders. Another feature that is specific to this company is their direct phone order processing component that allows the business owner to process phone orders directly from the system dashboard.

What you have here is a program designed for newbies and eCommerce professionals. The program is very easy to use. As the dashboard is opened, everything is categorized into groups, making it simpler for the end user to manipulate the platform. It is easy to navigate but does not come with the standard setup wizard. Many say that there is no need for the wizard because that is how simple and organized the admin panel is.

What the company system lacks is a startup guide or beginner tutorial resources. What they provide is a quick help tool. For every essential action button, users can find a question mark beside it that they can click to reveal information about the command.

The monthly service plans range from the $15 dollar basic offering to the premium plan that costs $135. The standard offerings include free setup and storage provisions. The cost of the plan determines how extended the provisions are from the product display to the internal storage. The plans also differ when it comes to the extent of customer service support. Some only offer chat support while phone support is offered for the higher priced plans.

These types of software offer free themes and templates, and others for sale at the company’s app store. When it comes to Volusion, they have improved the quality of their free themes making them as good as the ones people can purchase. This is something that really sets them apart from the competition as the latter usually provides free but bland templates and themes pushing business owners to make additional purchases in their store.

When it comes to the editing component, other platforms offer easy to use drag and drop functions that this particular program does not. In most cases, site owners edit HTML or CSS files by code. This is a pretty challenging task when done with Volusion because it only offers a text editor which requires the expertise of professional or knowledgeable programmers to execute correctly. Beginners will have no clue as to how to go about such a process.

As for inventory management, it is a good thing that there are numerous options for product information data but a novice, who does not know what product information to specify, will find it difficult to upload products for publishing. It is a good thing that the company modified the system to make the task easier for beginners as they start requiring only the most basic of product details to be inputted into the system. As the business owner becomes more acquainted with what product details are needed, he or she can then make use of the advanced information provisions.

Integrated into the system is support for various social media avenues that increases the marketing and SEO reach of the business. What makes Volusion different is that it has a special display setting where people, for example, on Facebook can look at a product ad without having to leave the site. They can continue browsing their feed whilst looking at a product on one side of the screen. Without the need for redirects, an online business can easily generate more potential clients.

In line with payment processors and security, the program works with the best direct and third party payment processors on the Web, each with a high level of security ensuring that client information and all corresponding transactions are guarded. Although the company charges nothing for in-house payments, there are transaction fees that apply when third party processors are utilized. When it comes to the in-house option, only citizens of the United States can sign up for such merchant services, which is a con.

The Volusion platform does come with its fair share of pros and cons, but there are plenty of amazing features that business owners can surely take advantage of, making the system far better than most of its competitors. This aspect makes the system worth considering may it be for startup online businesses or owners who have more experience in the field of eCommerce.

Overall score: 4.5/5

If the above offerings strike your interest and if you feel that this is the program that will help you run an efficient online business then pay the company a visit at www.volusion.com today.


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