WooCommerce E-Commerce Plugin for WordPress Review


As with the majority of available WordPress plug-ins, WooCommerce is incredibly easy to set up and configure. Using the features of this plug-in, you can sell any kind of product online and you will find it easy to add and update your products once you install it. On the other hand, it is not automatically PCI-compliant and you will be responsible for that.


One of the best features of WooCommerce is the one-page checkout. Guest customers can easily enter their billing information and shipping address without necessarily registering, while registered customers log in directly with their username and password on the same checkout page and finalize a purchase easily.

The plug-in allows you to place particular products on sale and have it announced on a flash banner. You can also create coupon codes to promote sales.  You can even gather product reviews to help improve sales and cross sales or simply define your available products.

Regarding available payment options, this plug-in comes with the following options: standard and pro PayPal, Google Checkout and manual cheque. For additional payment gateways, you have the choice to purchase extensions.

With this plug-in, you have the option to define shipping costs – it can be per product, flat rate for all products, or free shipping. While it supports global shipping, you would need the extension to integrate it with other shipping methods of FedEx, UPS and USPS.

In the front-end, users will find it easy to navigate and access their account directly from the shop. They can easily and securely manage their contact information, billing details, past and present orders or even change passwords.

On the back-end, order management is also trouble-free. You can send invoices via email, reduce or add stocks, edit orders and see purchase history and status of order changes.


  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It integrates effortlessly with WordPress and is highly expandable.
  • It has a mobile app so you can manage your store on-the –go.
  • It is the ideal plug-in for small and medium-sized stores online.
  • There are a lot of free and premium themes available.
  • It offers great reporting and documentation.
  • It has a good inventory interface.


  • The extensions are expensive especially when it is just for basic functionality.
  • Some themes are also pricey.
  • There is the danger of vendor lock-in. Only one company runs the extensions.
  • It does not always work with every WordPress theme.
  • The extensions purchased from third parties do not come with full support.
  • The free version does not have good documentation and there is no available support.
  • Online forums are not very reliable.

Good Tool but You Need Extensions 8/10

This plug-in relies a great deal on its extensions and the pricing comes as a major disadvantage. Even though the plug-in comes free, the extensions will cost you additional dollars if you want to customize your shop. For example, table rate shipping will cost you an added $199 for a license for one site. You also need extensions for additional payment gateways and subscriptions. Despite this, it is still the most popular WordPress plug-in.

The wonderful thing about WooCommerce is the good documentation it provides owners and the technical support that is readily available. Not everyone is tech-savvy and this plug-in has very minimal bugs and is not messy. Users will find it easy to manage their stores with the great features presented. Buy it and you can use it within an hour. You will love even the most basic of its themes. Visit http://www.woothemes.com/woocommerce  to try it now and get the ball rolling.

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