WPeCommerce eCommerce Plug-in Review


The WPecommerce plugin is a very popular plugin maintained by a group of developers for WordPress-based online stores. It offers tons of features and because it is community-driven, the support that it offers is extensive. Some come with basic options while others have many available extensions. One downside to using the WPEC is that not all of the features are well implemented. However, if you are a developer, you will find that this plug-in is less restrictive compared to the others.


The free version of the WPecommerce includes Google Checkout, manual cheque and PayPal as payment options. PayPal is available at Express, Standard and Pro. For additional payment gateways, it is advisable to purchase extensions.

WPEC also allows checkout for guest accounts while offering account creation at the onset of checkout. The good thing is that the customer only needs to navigate one page for checking out. The cart also includes tax estimates and shipping estimates. Orders are secured with SSL both on the front-end and back-end.

Unlike Woocommerce, WPEC is already integrated with UPS, Australia Post, USPS and Shipwire for real-time rates for shipping. It also supports domestic and global rates. Shipping is also allowed for flat rate, table rate and weight options. There is an available flexible built-in calculator to compute shipping rates.

Orders are managed via an admin dashboard that provides sales overview and email notification. Orders can also be exported into CSV formats and there is a record for order history as it is being processed. The invoice and packaging slip can be printed once final purchase is made.

WPEC makes marketing and store promotions a breeze. It allows the owner to create highly flexible coupons. Products can be put up on sale and discount pricing rules can be implemented. It is also possible to offer cross sales and free shipping.


  • It comes with many free add-ons or extensions; some are low-priced.
  • It works perfectly with any WordPress theme or plug-in.
  • It offers a built-in table rate shipping.
  • You can easily add items to your product catalog.
  • You can monitor sales and reporting.
  • It is easy to configure tax and shipping details.


  • It is rich in features but not in detail.
  • The free version still has a lot of bugs that needs to be fixed.
  • The free version also does not have good documentation.

Good Tool but Still Messy 3.5/5

WPecommerce and most available plug-ins are a great tool for small and medium-sized business owners because they can build and develop their online store even with little to no knowledge of web development. The available themes and features provide solutions that come in a simple package that makes them look more professional. What’s more, it saves them a lot of money from investing in web development design and saves them the difficulty and worry of creating a website.

WPEC themes make online payments secure, fast and reliable, which is beneficial for both owner and customer. However, some of the add-ons or extensions are not properly implemented, making WPEC a not-so-good choice.

One of the major grievances that users have made is the poor documentation. Others find it too messy to set up and manage. In addition, the support is not very extensive. There is also the possibility of premium tech support, but it can be quite costly.

On the other hand, some adjustments have been made to improve WPEC as a quality eCommerce tool, you can check out https://wpecommerce.org to find out more. Some of the things that were improved include the ability to have Free Checkout. Customers can check out carts that have $0 value, Extension Marketplace and New Payment Gateways.


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